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Corey and his band blend his stylistic and heartfelt written songs with his most requested songs from many of America’s best known traditional country music hit makers. It’s good clean family fun and toe tapping music. Something for the entire family to enjoy. 

Corey grew up listening to what many people call “Real Country Music”. Over the years, he covered songs by many of his favorite artists like George Jones, Merle Haggard, Vern Gosdin, Randy Travis, Alan Jackson, George Strait and other country legends. Corey began writing songs in his teens and quickly realized he simply could not deny his love of writing and singing traditional country music. Corey Zink combines original songs and his most requested covers of classic country hits.

Formed in 2012, Zink & Company consists of Lead vocalist and guitarist Corey Zink, John Roc, mandolin & vocals; Steve Carr, bass & vocals and Dan Menzone on Banjo. Firmly rooted in the traditions of the early decades of Bluegrass and Country music, these talented musicians share years of combined recording and performance experience. The band has become popular internationally over the years and has become known for Zink’s’ heartfelt songwriting and their unique and dynamic renditions of some of your old favorite tunes.

The band can be counted on for their powerful musicianship combined with Zink’s smooth lead baritone vocal, which sounds just as much at home with a driving bluegrass tune as it does a tear-filled country weeper. The Zink & Company members have come together to create a recipe of entertainment with a tight, cohesive sound that you are sure to love.

Corey Zink was born in the Berkshire Mountains of Massachusetts, brought up on the Classic Country Music of the greats like Jones & Haggard. In his early teens Corey discovered a new found love of Bluegrass music while listening to the music of bands like The Johnson Mountain Boys and The Lost & Found. Coming from a large family of Musicians, Corey spent most of his free time in jamming sessions at home or at Bluegrass festivals where he was influenced to develop his own style of singing and playing. He quickly became a fixture playing bass, acoustic guitar or mandolin. Studying the greats, such as Jones, has helped Corey become one of the premier baritone voices on the Northeast bluegrass circuit today. Corey is also becoming known for his heartfelt, original, storytelling songs which have become some of his most requested. Honing his skills on guitar and lead vocals, he has become one of the top drawing artists in New England.


Corey built a huge fan base in the Northeast festival scene before moving to East Tennessee and entertaining at Dollywood for 2 years. Dedicated to his music, Corey went back full time on the road with his Bluegrass band “Zink & Company“ as well as his Country band, “Classic Country Road Show” performing at Bluegrass and Classic Country festivals all across the U.S. He also has a local band, JCT 441 based at home in Sevier County playing Classic Country from the 1950s to early 2000. His distinct baritone voice is perfect for his crossover combination of down to earth lyrics and style creating original “Corey Zink” stories in song. 


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“Corey Zink, what a talent!  In the 72 years I have spent performing & promoting Country & Bluegrass music I have not met anyone with more talent then Corey Zink. Singing, writing, playing and determination. He has it all. It's been my privilege & pleasure to watch him develop into the great talent he has become.”

   ~ Smokey Greene

“I first met Corey at a concert near Pittsfield, Massachusetts, where we were performing a few years ago. I have gotten to know him well and have seen his group mature into a class act. Corey's desire for quality music and ability to connect with his audience is evident. He has brought Zink and Company to "must see" status. I would highly recommend them for any venue.”

~ Allen Mills, Lost and Found Bluegrass Band since 1973


"We’ve had many of the greatest bluegrass artists in the world pass through Jenny Brook over the years, but there are a few performers we like so much they basically have a standing invitation. Corey Zink is one of those artists.

Our fans never tire of his unique baritone, or his growing catalogue of heartfelt original songs. He’s brought a number of different projects to Jenny Brook since 2008, but with Zink and Company he’s really come into his own with an exceptional band that does the tradition proud.

Audiences recognize how genuine he is in all his interactions with them, be it onstage, online, or just jamming after-hours. He’s the kind of performer that makes running a bluegrass festival worthwhile."

   ~ Candi Sawyer, Event Producer, Jenny Brook Bluegrass Festival

"Zink and Company are one of the best bluegrass bands in the Northeast! They are hard-driving and very energetic and extremely well loved by everyone! Their energy often stops for a quick 'photo-op', and, never miss a beat.  Their humor certainly adds to their performances, and, their interaction with the audience, always keeps everyone waiting for what might happen next! Zink and Company all come from a long, family history of music, and blend well together, from their playing of traditional bluegrass songs, to playing the great songs written by Corey Zink.

I have known Corey for a long time and he is a very loving and compassionate man, loving his family, his music and his fans. 

Zink and Company has a large following, and, pack any place they perform."

   ~ Lynda Frick, President Adirondack Bluegrass League


"I’ve had the privilege of seeing Zink and Company perform many times over the past several years. However, I have to say that the band is enjoying some very deserving momentum within the music Industry. Whether it’s an original bluegrass tune written by them, a cover of a great Classic country song, or their audience pleasing humor... you will surely be entertained by Zink and Company."

   ~ Allan Spinney (The Spinney Brothers)


"Corey Zink and Zink & Company provide a “One of a Kind” bluegrass show that is a guaranteed crowd pleaser.  Corey provides a unique blend of bluegrass and old country sound and includes many “original” songs that are written “from the heart”.  Zink & Company is very strong both instrumentally and vocally, providing all the essentials for great bluegrass including the banjo and fiddle.  Corey’s remarkable voice allows him to sing lead to any song as well as harmony, and Keith Edward’s high tenor bluegrass voice adds the ability to perform some old time bluegrass that is always loved by the crowd.

As promoters, we’ve learned that “entertainment” is much more than just the talent of the performers.  Zink & Company excels in their ability to engage the audience with music, humor and interaction.  For this reason, our audience expects us to include Zink & Company is ALL of our festival lineups." 

   ~ Stev and Nancy Rogeski, County Bluegrass Festival, Fort Fairfield, ME

"I have seen Corey Zink many times on the festival trail over the past two decades or so, and he delivers shows time after time that are pleasing to his ever-growing fan base, never mailing it in. He cares and it shows."

   ~ Eric Gibson (The Gibson Brothers)

“I really enjoy listening to Zink & Co. they take Traditional Bluegrass to a whole new level. What a fantastic personality, and great performance they put in every show they do. Corey has a voice that cannot be matched, it is so smooth and a great joy to listen to. It is an honor to have them perform on our stage at: The North Barton Grange Bluegrass Festival in Waverly, NY.  The crowd really enjoys coming to the festival and watching them perform. My husband and I have seen them several times at other festivals and they always give every show 100%. A great Family and very entertaining band.”

   ~ Beverly Randall, North Barton Grange Bluegrass Festival Organizer


"As a bluegrass DJ, I was first introduced to Corey Zink & the boys at the 2013 County Bluegrass Festival in Fort Fairfield, Maine. Our 7th. Annual Bluegrass Festival in Campbellton, New Brunswick had just taken place three weeks earlier, and upon seeing and hearing the band, I knew that Zink & Company was just the shot in the arm our festival needed. We were fortunate to acquire the band for our 2014 festival, (Their first time in Canada) and the fans just fell in love with them, even before their first photo op.

Most bluegrass bands play to the audience, but when you can play for and with the audience, like Zink & Company does, you are sure to gain a multitude of followers. These boys were dead tired after closing the show Saturday night and you would have expected them to hit the sack, but not these guys, they were seen jammin’ with the locals, as late as 2am. The fans here were thrilled with Zink & Company and wanted them back next year, and we were pleased to tell them that they will be back first weekend of August 2015. The Campbellton Bluegrass Festival organizing committee highly recommends Zink & Company, whether it be a festival, concerts, or private events."

   ~ Edgar Duguay, The Old Silver Fox


"Zink & Company has always been very professional, well dressed, and punctual with a fabulous song list and always accommodating to requests. The band always puts on a high energy, crowd pleasing show. Corey and his extremely talented band members, past and present, are an absolute joy to work with. Their music selection always appeals to all ages and they are always giving “one hundred and ten percent."

Corey is known for the wonderful songs that he writes along with the old classics that he brings back, the sound of his beautiful voice and the outstanding musicians and singers with him.  Zink & Company have become one of our audience favorites at Blistered Fingers Family Bluegrass festival. We appreciate the outstanding entertainment the band provides on and off stage. Thanks guys for all the memories!"

   ~ Greg and Sandy Cormier, Blistered Fingers Family Bluegrass Festivals

"The great part about Corey Zink and Company is they give you an entire show, not just a music performance.  We highly recommend Corey and his band for any festival or concert venue.  They present high quality music that spans a variety of tastes and have a lot of fun doing it.  We will be booking them again at Tug Hill!"

   ~ Keith Zehr, Tug Hill Bluegrass Festival, Lowville NY

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